7 Local Companies that GIVE BACK

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Do you have that friend that would do anything for you? That person who is always there to lend a hand, or a shoulder to cry on? Well when it comes to businesses – what better ones to support than those who give back. It’s even better that these companies are local.

If you haven’t heard of these businesses and what they’re doing, start paying attention. Not only are you getting great quality stuff and/or services, but you are also supporting others around the world and giving someone else a better quality of life.

Here is our list of local companies who we think are doing some pretty amazing things:

AXIS Salon and Professional Hair Care is one of the top Vancouver hair salons and official distributor for the world famous Bellami Hair Extensions. At AXIS they specialize in corrective colour and Sassoon cutting while providing above and beyond customer service to each client who walks through the doors.

AXIS Professional Hair Care is a line free of aerosol, parabens, perfumes and sulfates. Why might you ask? Because they care about the clients, the health of our stylists and the planet. If you didn’t already known, all of their products are proudly made in Canada.If you still were on the fence about going and checking out this salon, not only are they doing amazing things in the hair world but also in the charitable sense.

AXIS has raised over $80,000 for local charities including Crohn’s Colitis Foundation, BC Cancer Agency, SPCA, Food Bank, Sports programs and funding for kids, Red Cross, Blue Mission Ocean Conservatives, and many more!

Website: www.axishairsalons.com

hair stylist karl brown at axis hair salon
(Photo/Axis Hair Salon)

The7dayringproject is a social enterprise, started by two UBC Sauder students, Taylor and Peony, and was officially launched in December 2015. The business started, when Taylor met Salem Kassahun, a female entrepreneur and artisan, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Inspired by the way Salem was impacting her community, Taylor purchased a ‘7 day ring’ from Salem’s shop. Jump start to today with a lot of passion and love – the7dayringproject came from Salem’s inspirational story.

A not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, B.C., imagine1day works solely in Ethiopia, with the goal that by 2030, all Ethiopian children will have access to quality education free of foreign aid. Additionally, the founders of imagine1day cover all their administrative costs, so every dollar donated to imagine1day is invested straight into their community education programs.

The7dayringproject partners specifically with the imagine1day/Girl Fund, which focuses on pioneering gender equality by providing opportunities for girls to obtain a high school education and tearing down barriers that prevent girls from receiving a quality education in Ethiopia.

The goal of the7dayringproject is to allow more girls like Kiddist to realize their potential, and to help them seize the day.

Website: http://www.the7dayringproject.com

Image result for the7dayringproject
Image Credit: the7dayringproject

Roma Boots Canada
Roma Boots was founded in 2010 by Romanian-born Samuel Bistrian who set out to help children in his home country by combining his love of fashion and philanthropy. To date, Roma Boots has donated boots to children in more than 25 countries, across five continents.

Not only are these boots stylish and comfortable – but they’re making a change globally. When purchasing a pair of Roma Boots, the company gives one pair of boots to a child in need. In addition to the “buy one, give one” philosophy, 10 percent of sales go towards an educational initiative. The foundation’s purpose is to provide hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education.

Countries where boots have been distributed include Romania, El Salvador, China, Africa, Asia, Nicaragua and Armenia.

Website:  https://romaboots.ca

Image result for roma boots
Image Credit: Roma Boots

Elbow Room
Founded back in 1983 by owners, Bryan Searle and Patrice Savoie, this Vancouver institution has been holding their reputation strong for having some big-ass delicious breakfasts served with as they say, “a side-order of abuse”.

The Elbow Room has always been more than just a great hangout spot and good eats – but a fascinating success story of a real-life husband couple. This place was a comfort spot during the worst days of the AIDS crisis.

To date, the Elbow Room has raised around $100,000 in donations over the years to A Loving Spoonful, a local charity that provides nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS. It has been known that if a diner didn’t clear off their place, they were guilt-tripped into make a donation.

After almost 20 years, they are still going strong. Come by and check out their World Famous Breakfasts or our Fabulous Lunches – but beware, come with an appetite and willingness to donate.

* Fun fact – there is even a show called Elbow Room Café: The Musical after this great joint!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/The-Elbow-Room-153499261379787/

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Image Credit: Sunset Inn

Gabi & Jules
With this shop’s main focus being on whole pies or pie by the slice, Gabi & Jules bakery located in Port Moody is doing more than just serving up some great pie. Owned and operated by Lisa and Patrick Beecroft, the bakery and the pies are named after the couple’s two daughters, Gabriela and Juliana, who has autism.

Their mission is simple – to passionately create exceptional pies and baked goodness in a collaborative environment inclusive of individuals of all abilities. Not only did the Beecroft’s want the bakery to offer opportunities to individuals on that spectrum, but honor their daughter Jules by giving a portion of their proceeds ($1 from each pie sold) to local autism related charities.

In addition to selling exceptional pies, the bakery serves other treats, coffees and teas. As well as jams, flavoured popcorn, nuts and bake-at-home scones and brownie.

For more information about the two organizations that they support, visit:
Medicare for Autism Now!
The Autism Support Network

Website: www.gabiandjules.com

Image result for gabi and jules vancouver
Image Credit: Nomms

Mealshare started back in the spring of 2013, when the founders realized how lucky they were to be working for multinational consulting and accounting firms. This then lead them to realize that not everyone was as fortunate as themselves – and they wanted to change that.

If you didn’t already know, more than eight million Canadians dine out every single day, with over one million youth are food insecure. This then lead them to the idea that those eight million people ordering out, could potentially help those youth.

Mealshare partners with restaurants, and places their specific logo next to a few menu items. Then when a customer orders a ‘Mealshare Item’, they get their meal, just like normal; but then Mealshare then provide one meal to a youth in need. Buy one, give one!

For each meal sold, restaurants contribute $1.00 to Mealshare. They then forward the donations to one of their partner charities that will go out and purchase groceries and or ingredients needed for a meal. They believe in supporting youth today, since they will support the world tomorrow.

Website: http://www.mealshare.ca

Image result for mealshare vancouver
Image Credit: Daily Hive

 One Thing Lockets
Setareh Bateni, Founder, of One Thing Designs, is creating beautiful jewelry that has amazing power and meaning behind it but also gives back to a cause that is near and dear to my heart. The One Thing brand was ultimately inspired by a documentary and 10% of sales go to programs that help prevent Postpartum Depression and Suicide.

Bateni’s ultimate message behind her brand is to show that people across the world are surviving with as little as a dollar per day, are living their life to the fullest and are some of the happiest people in the world. In the end we all thrive because of a few ‘one things’ in our lives that define us (such as our kids, pets, how successful we are, values, etc.) these core things make us human and who we are. In the end we all can relate to each other in some way.

One Thing believes that by being connected, we are all fundamentally similar – hence why the question, what is one thing you bring to this world? is asked. The brand is all about making lasting connections within yourself and around the world and that every single person has something valuable to offer.

Here are the Charitable Initiatives One Thing is apart of:
Postpartum Depression (Canada)
Suicide Prevention of America


Website: https://onethingdesigns.com/

Did we miss any? Let us know!

By: Samantha Lenz
IG: @snlenz

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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