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If your body is a blank canvas, then lip art is the ultimate puckering of personality.  The trendy makeup expressive-art complements fashion, style and personality much the same as an ink tattoo or nail art do.  Contouring, enhancements and embellishments combined with unique designs and decorations serve as an accessorized window into your very soul.  At the end of the day, we’re all just looking to find our own individuality – and look good while doing it right?

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

For one Vancouverite and self-trained makeup artist / self-proclaimed makeup addict, lip art has proven to be the ultimate creative passion-hobby. 25-year-old Meagan Baldini, AKA megbaldini on YouTube and Instagram, is a construction estimator by day and a luscious lip artist by night:

8 Defining “Lip Art”

“Lip art to me means using my lips as my canvas to create. I don’t mean just swatches of lip colors – even though I do those too. But those unconventional looks that you wouldn’t wear to a grocery store, party or work.”

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

7 The Origin Story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… basically back in high school: a girl was into makeup. Meagan can recall a ninth grade encounter with a bright watermelon shade that was practically “awful” but she loved it so much that she wore it “daily for like 2 weeks – even with the comments people made”. Now that’s tough skin (and lips).

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

6 Pursuit of..

With a creative bone or two and “a bore from pencil and paper”, it’s makeup that stood out and spoke of artistic freedom. Was something she’d always been into and toyed with on a daily basis while getting ready meant to be something more? Makeup and the artistry behind it became a more serious endeavor and trying new things was catalyzed by positive feedback and constructive criticism alike.

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

5 Art/Focus

Call it fate or perfect timing, Meagan pins down her taking the makeup hobby more seriously with the rise of bloggers and encouragement from her peers. Some lip injections later and a focus on lip art felt natural. Sharing it through tutorial videos, look book clips and smoochie pics on the ‘Gram revealed another layer of the art form. The challenge of working with body contours (especially lips) and “suspense of creating” is a clear excitement for the evolving artist. Some lips take up to 2 hours to complete and require serious precision and the absence of drool.

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

4 Inspiration

Other artists and their work supply endless inspiration and creative thought. But on a deeper level, for Meagan, it’s less about ideas and more of “a creative push to step outside of conventional creations with makeup”.

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

3 Creation

Connect to your canvas and you shall create. “For most of my looks, I come up with them on the spot. I find when I try to plan them too much it doesn’t work out and just discourages me. So I really try to channel my emotions, throw on some music that matches how I am feeling and just go at it. Usually that is how I create my looks. ”

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

2 Who Run The World?

When you think of the opposite of a makeup artist vlogger and Instagrammer, “construction estimator for a general contractor in Vancouver” could pretty much fill in the blank.  As a young woman in a predominately male industry, Meagan can describe her career as “a very empowering one”. She’s quick to find the humour and silver linings in her day-today including the looks of subtrade people at site meetings while wearing whatever lipstick suits her mood that day.

Photo/Instagram @megbaldini

1 Random

Meagan is a single mother… to a cat, Chihiro, named from her favourite anime movie Spirited Away. She’s 5’1″ tall and can confirm the weather is the same down there. She was born in Ontario but moved to Vancouver as a wee little baby. She lives 15 minutes from downtown and takes advantage of lakes and beaches by playing in the water and napping on some sand when not being a homebody.

Chihiro and Meagan being sassy together

Follow Meagan on Instagram @megbaldini for more sexy lip art inspiration. Also, check out some more creative Vancouver folk in our other Artist Spotlights:

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