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Spotlight| L’ATELIER VANCOUVER Co-Working Space

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Paying your own rent or mortgage in this city is struggle enough. Now you’re an entrepreneur or creative and need a place to work, without getting distracted or paying a fortune in rent or buzzing from 8 coffees. Co-working spaces are popping up all over the place and all with unique approaches to help induce a healthy, happy and focused environment. L’Atelier Vancouver is one of those and has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary of living in Gastown and being a gracious host to those individuals needing a second home. Here’s what makes L’atelier unique from the rest:

5 Like-Minded Peeps

The space is focused mostly on hosting startups, creatives and marketers, so whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or have a small team, they’ll be people you can connect with.

4 IG Heaven

From the simplistic white decor to the energy inducing plants and retro cafe-style lounge, working in a space that offers a clean and beautiful background makes the work seem less stressful.

3 Events

From monthly potlucks for networking to free workshops and hosted events by your co-living workers that you get invites to.

2 Affordable

In the growing demand for work space, L’atelier manages to stay competitive, even being downtown. Hot Desks start at $150/month and Dedicated Desks start at $400/month. If you just need a commercial mailbox address to appear more professional, virtual mailboxes start at $25/month.

1 They’re Creative Entrepreneurs As Well

Creating a Co-Working space and planning, building, marketing and running is a big enough job, but now the founders have created a productivity management journal (a physical book) to track not only work tasks, but personal balance as well. It’s called the Focus Journal. It’s meant to make you more productive and efficient by prioritizing, planning and timing your tasks. Most people have digital trackers and reminders, but with all the time spent in front of a computer, it’s nice to be forced to take a break away from it and use old-school paper and pen. They’re still in initial stages, so if you’re interested in the Focus Journal, check out their Kickstarter page.

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