9 of Vancouver’s Hottest CHEFS

hottest chefs in Vancouver
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If there was a Michelin guide to the hottest chefs based on looks and talent, these Vancouver chefs would all get three stars:

Mark Perrier

Savio Volpe

Mark Perrier, who heads up Fraserhood osteria Savio Volpe – one of the city’s hottest new restaurants –  is an expert at creating dishes that are simple, rustic, and effortlessly cool, much like his style. In addition to his looks (that salt-and-pepper-beard though), his confidence in the kitchen and his love for his family adds to his overall appeal.

Vancouver's hottest chefs
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8 Trevor Bird


By any measure, Season 2 Top Chef Canada contestant Trevor Bird and creative behind  farm-to-table restaurants Fable and Fable Diner, is a big success.  A sustainable meat advocate, Trevor is also co-founder of Meatme.ca and educates the public about responsible eating.  Nothing sexier than a man with conviction – in and out of the kitchen.  Those baby blues are an added bonus.

Vancouver's hottest chefs
(Photo/Kin’s Farm Market)

Jefferson Alvarez


There’s nothing this Venezuelan heartthrob takes more seriously than his food.  He’s all about creating the ultimate, gastronomical experience for his guests, and he achieves it with absolute ease and finesse. Since opening Cacao, Alvarez has really cemented himself as a true visionary when it comes to Latin cuisine in Vancouver.

hottest chefs in Vancouver

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6 John Cooper

Lucha Verde

Former Cuchillo owner and now owner of the West End’s newest mexi-veg joint, Lucha Verde, John Cooper is an unapologetic vegetarian who takes his craft seriously.  His undeniable attention to detail, quirky vibe, and ability to make anyone who walks through his doors feel welcome only lends to his general hotness.

hottest chefs in Vancouver
(Photo/Alison Boulier)

Jim Vesal

Virtuous Pie 

A Deep Cove native who discovered his love for cooking at an early age and fueled his passion for it while working to finish his degree and pay his way into Law School, Jim Vesal is the full-package. With a Red Seal at the Culinary Arts program at VCC, he started Virtuous Pie in the fall of 2015 after 10 years in the industry in various roles.  With two locations currently open and two more in the works, this guy is busy. His ultimate goal is to change the way people view vegan cooking through education, advocacy and creating approachable and delicious food. With the free time he does have, he can be found on a bike either indoors at RIDE cycle club or outdoors with his road cycling team.  *SWIPES RIGHT.*

hottest chefs in Vancouver

4 Lucais Syme


Tall, handsome and chiseled, Lucais Syme looks like he belongs in an episode of Game of Thrones.  He almost pursued a career in law, but ended up developing a love for food instead.  Throughout the years, he has honed his skills in some of the city’s top restaurants, including Blue Water Café and Cioppino’s. In 2008, he opened La Quercia in Kitsilano followed by Cinara a few years later, in the historic Victorian Hotel.

Vancouver's hottest chefs
(Photo/The Westender)

3 Sandy Chen


A boss in the kitchen, Sandy Chen is a huge stand-out and a force to be reckoned with.  She’s the Chef de Cuisine at award-winning Torafuku in Chinatown, where she works alongside Executive Chef  and Owner Clement Chan.  In 2016, Chen won first place in the annual BC Chef Competition and continues to expand people’s perception of Asian cuisine (and looks super cool while doing so.)

Vancouver's hottest chefs

Giulia Lombardo

Lombardo’s Pizzeria 

Giulia Lombardo is the head chef at Lombardo’s Pizzeria, a restaurant run by her family and one of Vancouver’s local institutions. She’s also a total bombshell. After receiving her training in Vancouver, this vivacious beauty went on to cook for Wolfgang Puck at London’s The Cut. In addition to serving up delicious meals in person, she also shares her passion for all things food on her YouTube channel. You can catch Giulia as a regular guest on CTV Morning Live, offering tons of culinary of tips and tricks!

Giulia Lombardo

JC Poirier

 St. Lawrence 

If you’re a foodie, chances are that at some point, you’ve had a meal at one of Chef JC (Jean-Christophe) Poirier’s restaurants.  Co-owner of Ask for Luigi, Pizzeria Farina, and Pourhouse, Poirier recently opened up St. Lawrence in Railtown, a restaurant that pays homage to his Quebecois-upbringing and that takes the concept of a “bistro” to a new level.  Simultaneously rugged and sophisticated, and with a silent confidence, JC Poirier is red hot. Plus, he has the most impossibly adorable famille.

Vancouver's hottest chefs




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