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TOP 5| Happy Hour Specials in Vancouver

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Who doesn’t love a deal? Especially in Vancouver. We’ve picked a few we really dig and hope you do too!

5. The Pawn Shop

EVERY DAY | 3pm – 6pm
Drinks: Slushy Boozy drinks for $5
Food: All Tacos $1

4. Mamie Taylor’s

MONDAY – FRIDAY | 5pm – 6pm
SATURDAY & SUNDAY | 3pm – 5pm
Drinks: Draft Beer, House Red & White Wine and House Cocktails $6
Food: Ham Grenades, Lamb Meatballs and Chicken Wings $1 / Tomato Sliders $2

3. Opus Bar

EVERY DAY | 3pm – 6pm
Drinks: Red Truck Beer, Red & White Wine and Bubbles $5
Food: Grilled Prawn Skewers, Meatballs, Warm olives, Toasts $5

2. Belgard Kitchen

MONDAY – THURSDAY | 3pm – 6pm
Drinks: Vancouver Urban Winery Red and White Wine and Postmark Beer $5
Food: Mushroom & Bacon Pate $8 / Margherita Pizza $7 / Green Chickpea & Avocado Hummus $9

1. Jules Bistro

EVERY DAY| 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Drinks: Red, White and Rosé Glass of Wine $5 / Red White and Rosé Bottle of Wine $25
Food: Garlic-chili prawns, Thai chicken bites, Charcuterie platter, Steamed mussels, Beet Salad, Crab salad roll, Cheese Platter

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