The GIRLBOSSES of Vancouver| BRITTANY WONG of Bash and Fete

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30 under 30 superstar Brittany Wong is quite the mover and shaker in Vancouver and no newbie to the entrepreneurial world. Besides running her highly successful Event Planning company Bash and Fete, which started as just her and is now a whole team of amazing busy bees, she also runs multiple charitable companies. We literally don’t know how she does it.

Brittany Wong


5 Things You Should Know About Brittany Wong:

5.  She’s a UBC Alumni

 Brittany graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing, from UBC’s Sauder School of Business in 2009.

4. She’s worked some seriously high-profile events

These events include the Olympics, the Grey Cup, and the always popular and growing Celebration of Light fireworks!

3. She’s got a sweet tooth

This Girl Boss has a weakness for candy, especially the sour keys. However, she also leads an active lifestyle so she’s well balanced! (Her sugar stash is IMPRESSIVE.)

2. She’s always been ahead of the gang

You could say that Brittany’s career as an entrepreneur kicked off at only 10 years old, when she started her own dog-brushing biz for the neighborhood.

1. She does good

Aside from Bash + Fete, Brittany also works with charities like the Children’s Wish Foundation and has co-funded her own charity organization called the Lipstick Project which brings professional beauty services to patients in hospitals who are struggling with serious health issues.

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