GABRIOLA PARK is the coolest new community vibes in Langley

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A straight up oasis complex with greenery and creeks is your next home.

Close to the Highway 1 in Langley, a new designer-inspired 3 and 4-bedroom townhouse development is in its last phase and you and your family will love it.. and your bank account. What we love most about it:

5 Cottage Feels

Your surroundings are what influence and drive you. When you come home to a natural, cottage-vibe home with an open concept and large windows for lots of light, life becomes a little easier.

4 Kid Friendly

Made with young families and empty-nesters in mind (with future grand babies), you’re in for a treat. Not only is there large green space for kids to run around and play games, there’s also a kids play area and a communal clubhouse for parties and events (not just for the kids).

3 Location

No driving through town to get to the highway, you’re practically there. You’re also right next to Willoughby Town Centre, packed full of food, fitness, shops and services and close to parks, golf courses, tennis courts and schools for all ages.

2 The Oasis

Imagine coming home to sit on your deck with a glass of vino, listening to the creek and crickets chirping or playing bocce ball with your neighbours. It’s truly a getaway in the middle of Greater Vancouver.

1 Affordable

Want to buy, but can’t afford Vancouver’s insane prices? This is THE place. Homes are starting at $619,900. Yes, full homes. Not a shoebox. Amazing right??

Gabriola Park
20498 82 Avenue, Langley BC

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