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Guilt-Free Eating with Festal Cafe’s Paleo Menu

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If cavemen did it, so can you. I mean, yes they did a lot of things we probably can’t do and you’re right – never having another cocktail is also one of them, but you get the point. What is Paleo?? Go do your homework.. Imagine wanting pasta, but it’s beach weather and your swimsuit says no – Festal Cafe’s got you. It’s zucchini pasta, but it’s the same notion, that will trigger your brain into the same satisfaction.. or more because you’ll still look good at the beach.

5 Guilt-Free

You want a key lime pie? They have a no sugar, no dairy, gluten-free smoothie for that. How about a pizza? Gluten free? Cassava bread with organic meat and dairy-free cashew cheese. Could life get any better?

4 Sick-Free

When you eat fresh food loaded with vitamins and nutrients, non GMO and organic, your body is nourished and you look and feel better. Your soul will also be filled with delicious food you didn’t think you could have.

3 No Cooking

Planning, grocery shopping, chopping, prepping and cooking? Who has time? Definitely not most people hustling in Vancouver. Luckily, Festal does all the cooking and prepping for you and it’s way cheaper than buying loads of veggies you’ll just end up throwing out (#nowaste). Plus you can get your meal, coffee and dessert (like keto cookies) at the same place.

2 Convenient

Not everyone lives or works near Granville Street, so Festal made it super easy with their Online Meal Delivery and get delivered right to your house. Nope, life really can’t get any better.

1 Togetherness

One of the few places vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians and carnivores can eat together without complaining about the menu. There is literally something for everyone.

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