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TOP 5| Fashion PHOTOGRAPHERS That Capture True Beauty

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Fashion Photographers That Capture True Beauty

Being able to capture true beauty in anything and anyone is a true technique. Thankfully, we found the wickedly talented Fashion Photographers that nail it every time. In no particular order, these are our fav’s in the city.

  1. Kezia Nathe

Kezia Nathe is one cool chick. Her photography is a captivating showcase of faces and places with a focus on athletes. She’s also an incredible artist experienced in pencil and water colour, with a background in fine arts which lends to her talents as a retoucher and illustrator.  Check out her ig: @kezianathe


  1. Danaea Li

Danaea Godard possesses an eye for all things “beautiful,” and is a sweet and talented creative when it comes to working with natural light.  A wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer, she loves getting “up close and personal” with her subjects. Her work has been published in The Refinery Magazine, Huffington Post, The Province, and Vancouver Bride – to name a few.


  1. Arjun Mallick

Edgy, raw, and creative, Arjun Mallick knows how to bring an image to life.  Unconventionally cool, he’s your go-to guy for headshots and all things editorial.


  1. Charles Zuckermann

He describes himself as a “relationship photographer,” Charles Zuckermann truly is a man of the people.  He’s easy to work with, he’s really involved (will literally show you how to “pose”), and knows how to connect with the person behind the lens. He’s extremely skilled at fashion photography and has worked with numerous models and actors. Some of his clients include Redbull, Vancouver Fashion Week, Vitamin Daily, and Diner en Blanc.


  1. Tom Hawkins

The king of GLAM, Tom Hawkins is an award-winning photographer, named Consumer Choice Best Photographer in Vancouver in 2014 and 2015.


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