5 Local APPS That Will Make Life More Fun

Yervana app
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Apps are all kinds of awesome.  They transform the way we communicate with one another, consume information, and navigate the world. Some deliver food from our favourite joints to our doorstep with the click of a button.  Others help users become real life ghostbusters. (Interested? Look up Spirit Box.)

The following local apps debunk the myth that Vancouver is a “no-fun city,” bringing entertainment and connectivity to all!

5 Street Food App

When lunch time rolls around, whip out your Street Food app and find some of Vancouver’s best food trucks near you, complete with locations and up-to-the-minute schedules.

The app also lists upcoming dates and locations for specific food trucks, as well as nearby areas with food trucks.  How thoughtful! Planning a company event or private function? Booking a food truck is a fun way to give you serious ‘street’ cred and can be done through the app.

Cost | FREE
Website |www.streetfoodapp.com/vancouver

vancouver street food app
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4 5F

Looking for a tennis partner? A cycling buddy? Fellow yogi?  5F has got you covered.  The app is geared toward active users in search of  “fit friends.” Fuss-free, the app allows you to add over 100 activities to your profile, and search for users with shared interests.

Let’s be honest. It’s easier to be motivated when you have someone else pushing you and counting on you to get your butt out of bed, and into the gym. No more excuses!

Cost | FREE
Website | http://app5f.com

vancouver fitness apps

3 brewhound

For when you need a drink and need it fast, brewhound is a life and wallet saver. The app locates Happy Hour deals close to you and eliminates the stress of finding a place to unwind over cheap brews and bites.

Not only will brewhound show you great deals and promotions on food and drink –  the app also allows you to make Happy Hour plans in advance to share with your coworkers, friends, family, partner, you name it!

Cost | FREE
Website | https://brewhound.ca/

vancouver apps
(Photo/Brewhound Facebook image)

2 We3

There’s nothing more important that having a solid tribe and with the help of We3, you can form your very own with the touch of a screen!  Not another dating app, We3 helps users meet friends of the same gender and in groups of 3.  Through short quizzes,  the app will be put together a comprehensive profile that matches you up with the type of people you are interested in connecting with.

Cost | FREE
Website | www.we3app.com

fun vancouver apps
(Photo/We3 Facebook image)

1 Yervana

A seriously cool new app to hit the market this year, the premise of Yervana is the idea of connecting users with local hosts for unique and personalized outdoor adventures!

Adventure-seekers (Explorers) are paired with knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts (Locals) eager to promote their skills and interests through guided experiences along the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Sign up for excursions ranging from backcountry skiing to canoeing in glacier blue waters to nature photography with just a few clicks.

Cost | FREE
Website | www.yervana.com

Yervana app
(Photo/Jakob Aker)

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