Company Spotlight| 5 ways OUT OF THE BOX EXPERIENCES is changing date night in Vancouver

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Do you find yourself asking the question “When did ‘date night’ become work?” Or maybe why you’re way overdue a girl’s night out? Hey – it can be challenging to balance work, home life and also find the time to play. That’s where Out of the Box Experiences (OOTBE), Vancouver’s only company that specializes in date night packages and experiences for people and couples who want to get the most out of life, steps in.

OOTBE was founded in 2015 by life coaches Tonya Blakley and Leah Spehar after seeing first-hand through their work how being busy can take over and consume people. They’ve been working ever since to help people ‘live life well’ by enjoying new experiences in the city. Here’s 5 reasons why this box is one you’ll want to open.

5  Personalized boxes
Available monthly and quarterly, boxes are based on YOUR interests. Un-pack experiences that are in line with what you like to do whether that’s hiking the mountains, or sipping prosecco on a patio.

The OOTBE experts take care of ALL of the planning 
That means you can chill out and leave the research and planning to the professionals. From a detailed itinerary for your date plus all vouchers and/or gift cards for your date night (or day) activities, OOTBE takes care of it all. Discover amazing local events, venues and activities that you may never have even heard of! No more hitting up “the usual” spots or staying in for Netflix and chill. (Unless it’s GOT.)

date night
(Photo/Out of the Box Experiences)

3  They offer a subscription package
Introduced this year, OOTBE launched a subscription package with the intent to encourage subscribers to get more out of life on a regular basis.

The process is simple:  Sign up for a monthly package, and fill out a short questionnaire about what kinds of activities that you like to do. Then the experts at OOBTE will custom-make date-night packages that you receive monthly (or quarterly).

Can’t commit? No problem. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  No hard feelings.

2  Face-to-face consultations 
OOTBE offers one-on-one complimentary support with Founders Tonya and Leah for anyone looking to take their experiences to the next level and truly step outside of the box.

1  Restoring “we time”  
Life is short. While it’s important to pursue your passions and work hard, it’s just as important to take time to play, relax and enjoy some “me” or “we” time.  It’s time you start looking out for yo self!

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(Photo/Out of the Box Experiences)


For more on Out of the Box Experiences, including their subscription service, visit

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