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9 CHEAP FLIGHTS from Vancouver for Wanderlusters on a Budget

places to travel for cheap from Vancouver
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Summer is a just over a month away and there’s no better time to bring those vacation plans to life! While partying on a yacht in Croatia or sipping rosé in the South of France sounds amazing, there are tons of destinations in Europe and around the world that you can fly to, for a lot cheaper and that will satisfy your wanderlust spirit.

The following roundtrip flight deals are serious steals!

9 Manila

The capital city of the Philipines has seen a boost in its economy in recent years, evolving into a destination that is trendy and lively and attractive to tourists!  Manila is overflowing with restaurants, nightlife, markets, museums, art galleries and JEEPNEYS – the most popular way to get around in the Philipines.  (See photo below) Architecturally, this city has a strong Spanish influence, with no shortage of breathtaking buildings and churches that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Cost | As low as $454
Website | www.fly4free.com

8 Shanghai

In addition to being a top business destination, Shanghai is also one of the most innovative cities in the world from design to food!  The clubbing scene alone will blow your mind and take you to new heights – literally.  If you’re not partying on a rooftop overlooking the entire city, you’re doing it wrong. And while you can easily ball out in this city, you can just as easily get by on a fixed budget.

Cost | As low as $600
Website | www.expedia.ca

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If you haven’t seen Cuba, now’s the time.  The country has a special vibe like stepping back in time, from some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet, to old American cars from the 1950’s and some of the coolest and most beautiful rooftop bars.  Sip rum under the sun, explore colorful neighborhoods like Barrio del Arte, peruse the markets, dance the night away, and experience time magically stand still.

Cost | As low as $500
Website | www.cheapflights.ca

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6 Montreal

As far as Canadian cities go, Montreal ranks high on the cool scale. This culturally diverse, Euro-feeling city is known for its amazing food and cocktails, shopping, street art, architecture, wicked music festivals – the list goes on and on and on.

De rien.

Cost | As low as $265
Website |  www.yvrdeals.com

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5 Paris

Is there any city more romantic than Paris? This city oozes romanticism! A foodie’s paradise, France is famous for its food and cafes from upscale fine dining establishments to super charming, relaxed holes-in-the-wall. In addition to great eats, visit historical landmarks like The Louvre (the world’s largest museum) and the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Cost | As low as $700
Website | www.vancouver.yulair.com

4 Los Angeles

You can taste the bright lights but you won’t get there for free. Guns N’ Roses, anyone?  You can, however, get to LA for cheap, real cheap.  A giant melting pot of a city, you can literally find anything and everything here.  LA’s cultural enclaves include areas like Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, and Thai Town – to name a few.  

Cost | As low as $230
Website | www.vancouver.yulair.com

3 Dallas

Besides having one of the world’s nicest airports, there are so many reasons why the home of the Superbowl is a super rad city. You may be surprised to learn that Dallas is one of America’s largest art hubs and is home to prestigious museums like the Dallas Museum of Art! It also has an equally impressive foodie scene!  Eat your way through tons of great restaurants and cafés and into a food coma you won’t regret nor soon forget.

Cost | As low as $336
Website | www.hitlistapp.com

2 Taipei

The locals are lovely, the street food is killer, clubs go ’til dawn, markets are innumerable, architecture is impressive, and the gardens and parks are something to behold.  Taipei should definitely warrant a spot on your bucket list.

Cost | As low as $486
Website | www.yvrdeals.com

1 Phuket

With its alluring tropical beaches, boutique hotels, colonial architecture, hip beach clubs, outdoor expeditions, and delicious seafood, it’s not shocking that the island of Phuket has grown immensely popular in recent years.

Snag this deal while it’s hot!

Cost | As low as $498
Website | www.secretflying.com

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