The GIRLBOSSES of Vancouver: CARINE REDMOND and Associates PR

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The life of a publicist can be demanding – especially in a major city like Vancouver, but PR guru Carine Redmond somehow manages to make running a PR business not only look easy, but fun. This boss babe is creative, easy going (well, on the outside) and humble despite her extensive work experience with major names and notable brands like Etsy Canada, The Dailey Method Vancouver, and Parallel 49 Brewing Company.

5. She is obsessed with Friday Night Lights

She even named her beagle puppy after heartthrob character Tim Riggins.

4. She loves the Kardashians

And isn’t afraid to admit it! Kim Kardashian is her spirit animal. Her nickname is Coco but it’s Koko with a K when she’s feeling sassy!

3. She’s a Wine-O

Red OR white – there’s no discrimination. She’s also a diet coke-head at heart but she had to quit that habit years ago.

2. She’s really into Zodiac Signs

She’s a Capricorn through and through and loves to know other people’s signs and hear their ghost stories.

1. She loves to bake

Especially at Christmas, she keeps her desk stocked with sour candy, gummy bears and fruit and nut bars. You never know when there could be a sugar emergency!

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