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9 “Sober October” Approved MOCKTAILS

Iced tea mocktail from Acorn
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If you’re like us your commitment to “Sober October” usually only lasts until someone mentions happy hour. But, with our list of the top 9 places in Vancouver to get a Sober October Mocktail, you can skip out on the alcohol without missing out on the experience.

The Acorn
Aside from serving up of some of the most creative and alluring meat-free dishes in the city, The Acorn on Main St is well known for their craft cocktails.  With that being said, you may be surprised to learn that they have an equally impressive non-alcoholic drink menu! A perfect example of this is their Citrus and Spice Iced Tea: Grapefruit and vermouth reduction sherbet, and mandarin spiced iced tea. No cran and soda here.

Iced tea mocktail from Acorn

The Revel Room
If the Southern charm and live music aren’t enough to lure you in, The Revel Room cocktail list includes their signature mocktail, The Lonsdale, a unique blend of almond syrup, ginger beer, fresh apple juice and lime.

Entrance of revel room in Vancouver
(Photo/Lunch with Lunch)

7  Salt Tasting Room
Salt is known for its wine flights and cheese accompaniments, but did you know you could also create your own non-alcoholic flight? Choose from a selection of their Specialty Fizz, made with sparkling mineral water and Giffard syrup.

Space at salt tasting room in yaletown

6  Timber Gastropub
If classic Canadian with a twist is what your after, Timber is the place for you. Take down a “Stump Jumper”, a mix of cucumber, honey cordial, lime and soda. No Canadian tuxedo required.

Mocktail from Timber in the West End

5  Guu with Garlic
Craving sushi but trying to avoid sake? Guu with Garlic carries a selection of the popular Japanese soft drink Ramune, as well as fresh juices and a few virgin cocktails. Our pick? The Rainy Vancity.

(Photo/Dreaming In Foi Gras)
(Photo/Dreaming In Foi Gras)

Chances are, wherever you are in Vancouver, there is an Earls nearby. The classic chain restaurant has stepped up their game in the alcohol free department. With ingredients like ginger, cucumber, craft soda and passion fruit juice, we’re sure you won’t miss the alcohol.


Zend Conscious Lounge
If virgin and vegan is what you’re after, look no farther than Zend in Yaletown. Zend offers a signature cocktail with Kava, a Southeast Asian root that has a history of reducing stress and anxiety. They also carry a selection of juices, smoothies and kombucha.

Kava cocktail from Zend Lounge in Yaletown

2  Calabash Bistro
Take a trip to the tropics without leaving Vancouver at Calabash Bistro. The Caribbean infused spot specializes in the Sorrelade mocktail: hibiscus flowers brewed with ginger, citrus and soda. This one will definitely have you saying “ya mon!”

Cocktail from calabash bistro in Gastown

The Score on Davie
You know what’s just as good without alcohol? The Score’s signature Caesars. Ask for the Checkmate, Tater Teaser, or the Mac & Chaesar virgin style. You’ll still get a full meal and a delicious Caesar without the hangover.

Massive Caesar with burger and chicken wings and brownie from the score on Davie
(Photo/Curiously Carmen)

Did we miss any? Let us know!

The Acorn Restaurant, Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Score on Davie, Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Calabash Bistro, Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Zend Conscious Lounge, Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Earls, Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Guu with Garlic, Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Salt Tasting Room, Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Revel Room, Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

By: Dallas Carlson

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