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6 Things We Love About BAUHAUS Restaurant

Bauhaus Restaurant
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A Canadian stand-out, Bauhaus is an award-winning modern European restaurant in the heart of Gastown.  Voted one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world by The Diners Club, this restaurant is truly a world-class production, from kitchen to plate.

Here’s what we love most about Bauhaus:  

6  Berlin vibe 

Unlike some stuffy, fine dining establishments, Bauhaus boasts a friendly, upbeat, and effortlessly cool atmosphere. Much like Berlin, Bauhaus is both fast-paced and relaxed, a hub where creativity is palpable and the service is personal.

While dressing up is the general rule of thumb when fine dining, you can as easily come in with jeans and kicks without fear of being snubbed by management or the servers.  Exposed bricks, dim lighting, and big art pieces adds to the warm allure of this restaurant.  

Bauhaus Restaurant

5 Stellar details 

A labour-intensive operation, this restaurant runs in perfect harmony, with the entire FOH and BOH team doing their part to ensure no stone is left unturned, no dish served unless perfect, and that every guest has an enjoyable culinary experience.

As the age-old saying goes, the devil is in the details. From executive chefs Tim Schulte and David Mueller’s constant pursuit of culinary creativity around the world, to wine director Allan Koller’s thorough interaction with guests and knowledge of all things vino, it’s a collective effort and an appreciation for the little details that keeps Bauhaus current, consistent, and creative!

Bauhaus Restaurant

4 Not your typical German fare 

It’s not all schnitzel and bratwurst up in this joint.  In fact, you’ll find yourself seriously impressed by the contemporary spin on German classics.  Everything here is fresh and organic, and freezers are a no-no.  Smoked steelhead, succulent cornish game hen, and quinoa cannelloni are just a few of the masterfully presented dishes. For those who want German comfort food eats, kalbskotelette, and zwiebelrostbraten are also on the menu.  

With all of that being said, the wiener schnitzel at Bauhaus is pretty damn delicious and worth a try.  Served with cranberries, and a potato and cucumber salad, don’t forget to add a side of cheese spätzle!

Eat: The Bauhaus Tasting Menu (Four courses for $79, six courses for $99.)

contemporary German food at Bauhaus Restaurant

3 Creative cocktails

Mischgetranke, anyone? That’s German for ‘cocktails’ in case you were wondering. To accompany a fantastic menu, the rotating cocktail list features drinks like the buttermilch margarita, made with reposado tequila, buttermilk, agave, lemon, and orange – and the cherry poppins, a lovely concoction of  gin, cherry blossom honey, tokaji, and lemon!

They even make their own dehydrated leather and press their own juice!  

Drink: The Hugo featuring fresh mint, bubbles, elderflower, and lime.  A refreshing drink that has summer written all over it.  

cocktails at Bauhaus Restaurant

2 Couple goals 

First of all, kudos to anyone who can work successfully alongside their significant other. [insert hand-clapping emoji]  Husband and wife team Uwe and Natalie Boll are the backbone of Bauhaus, and share a passion for food, film, and creating a unique experience for their guests.  

A bold personality, Uwe Boll was born in Germany and has an extensive career in film, producing and directing over 35 features. His films have been screened in over 100 countries. Similarly, Natalie also has a background in film and production as a documentary filmmaker and TV host, and is currently working towards her law degree! Talk about a boss woman!

Together, this duo is a creative force of nature.

Bauhaus Restaurant
Filmmaker Natalie Boll runs Bauhaus alongside her husband, German director Uwe Boll

1 Open/test kitchen experience

Lights, camera, and action! There’s nothing we love more than open kitchens and being privvy to the inner workings of a kitchen! See your food get prepared in plain sight and feed off the buzz of activity while you wait for your meal to show up.  

Open test kitchen concept at Bauhaus Restaurant

Photos courtesy of Bauhaus.

Where | 1 W Cordova Street
Website | www.bauhaus-restaurant.com

Bauhaus, West Cordova Street, Central, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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