ARTIST SPOTLIGHT| 7 Things About Contemporary Abstract Artist Miriam Aroeste

Miriam Aroeste painting in her Vancouver studio
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It’s hard not to find Miriam Aroeste captivating. Born in Mexico City, she has called Vancouver her home for the past 27 years, and has built her repertoire as an abstract expressionist, leading a life as bold and as rich as the colours in her paintings.

Here are 7 things you should know about this creative:

7  Art runs in her family
Her father is a talented bronze sculpture and clearly passed on the creative gene to his daughter.

Miriam Aroeste painting in her Vancouver studio

6  She curated the art for the 2010 Olympics
Remember the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics? Miriam curated all of the art in the common areas! NBD.

5  She’s a Jill of all trades
Marketing, sales, curation – she does it all.  She’s also a skilled street photography and her photo work is even more conceptual than her paintings, capturing layers on layers of colours hidden within colours.

Photo courtesy of Miriam Aroeste

Her guilty pleasure is…
A nice glass of wine and French food.

Her Mexican heritage permeates through her art 
Mexico city is one of the largest cities in the world when it comes to museums and galleries. Aroeste grew up frequenting the Palacio Nacional on Sundays and endless exhibitions including the works of Frida Kahlo.

Growing up in Mexico in general played a huge part in her development as an artist, colour, her main connection to her heritage.

You’ll see a lot of “Mexican reds” and bold, intense, explosions of colours, throughout her work.

Miriam Aroeste painting
Photo courtesy of Miriam Aroeste

 She’s influenced by…
Miriam finds inspiration through relationships, life stories, and our own psyche. Her work speaks to the complexity of human nature and is a reflection of concepts and ideas that she feels when she’s “in the moment.”

The Vancouver landscape has also played a role in her art. The vivid colours of the ocean, mountains, parks and trails inspire Aroeste.

Miriam Aeroste painting
Photo courtesy of Miriam Aroeste

1  Her motto…
She advises artists to reach out. “You have to talk to people and ask, don’t be afraid to get out there, get out of your comfort zone and ask for what you want,” says Aroeste. Her motto? No hiding.

 For more on Miriam and her work, visit: www.miriamaroeste.com

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