Artist Spotlight: 6 Things You Should Know About Surrey’s DRAWIN SANTOS

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Drawing and painting are more than basic visual arts for Sherwin Santos. There is intent in every stroke from pencil to paper or brush to canvas for the artist who goes by “Drawin Santos”. Whether it’s a quick sketch or complete illustration, each visual marking is an exercise of imagination and reality. Along with his passion for hip hop music, he also uses it as a creative outlet to express individuality, creativity and freedom. His work helps him explore his own depths to communicate inspiration, expression and thought:

6 Defining Art
“Pop-culture fuelled my ideas and strengthened my imagination. I want my art to do the same for you.”

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

5 Started From the Bottom
Now in his mid-20’s, Santos draws upon intertwining several environments, from being born in Pasig City, Philippines, moving to Surrey, BC at age 8 and growing up a Filipino-Canadian. As a child he watched his mother create art, drawing plans and sewing dresses from scratch – and he followed suit by doodling and drawing for fun. Ask him when he first started and he’ll tell you, “ever since I could hold a pencil, man.”

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

4 Expression
If he can’t draw it, he might rhyme it as an occasional rapper, hip hop enthusiast and “wannabe poet”. If all else fails, some alone time to reflect or an art exhibit gander is the remedy.

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

3 Identity
As a 90’s kid, pop-culture is a major influence. His dad worked in Japan and collected CD’s covering a wide range of different artists and music. His older sister was the MTV-generation while his younger brother watched anime. As an artist comes an ability to pick and pull at what speaks to him and make it his own.

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

2 Style
A deep stare onto a blank canvas and just about anything can appear. For Santos, sometimes it’s a mainstream moment in history, an iconic pop-culture figure, or even a favourite childhood cartoon. From there, he just draws what he wants in the moment – not bound by any style, genre or boundary. This freeform flow is philosophically applied to other aspects of life when it comes to running with an idea, relying on instinct and listening to his gut.

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

1 Pursuit of Happiness
A little artistic release here and there helps keep things grounded. For anyone with an artistic inclination, it’s the pursuit of art that puts the overarching pursuit of happiness into perspective. For Santos, he attended art school for a bit and continues to draw and paint what he feels – because he enjoys it. The once upon a time hobby now brings regular art commissions while he works a regular 9-5 and dabbles into other things in life. {Work/Life/Art Balance}

Photo/Instagram @drawinsantos

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By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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