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Artist Spotlight| 7 things to know about ALEXIS YOUNG from Youngblood

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Blonde, ambitious, and the sultry voice behind the quickly rising indie-pop band, Youngblood, Alexis Young is someone to watch.

We were lucky enough to catch up with this multi-talented creative and pick her brain about her sound, her EP, Canadian guilty pleasures and everything in between. Here’s what we took away:

 She comes from a family of lawyers 
That hasn’t stopped Alexis’s parents, both lawyers, from being stoked on her music, despite choosing a less ‘conventional’ career path. Her older brother was a music producer in Vancouver and Montreal and in an ironic twist of fate, has since moved to Toronto to pursue law.


6  She’s a graphic designer by day 
Like Michael Jordan says, “there’s no Plan B for passion.” Although being a full-time musician sounds great, bills still need to be paid which is why Alexis actually has a day job and works as a graphic designer, the result of her art school education.

She wanted to be an actor when she was younger
As a kid, Alexis wanted to pursue acting and was always enrolled in acting and theatre camps. Although music also played a role in her upbringing (she grew up taking piano and guitar lessons), it wasn’t until she moved to Vancouver and joined a real band that she realized that her true calling was music.

Alexis Young of YoungBlood

4 She loves the prairies 
“There’s so much beauty in the grey, flat, vast unknown and there’s a lot of really cool music coming out of the prairies right now.” Although traditionally “sh*t on” she can’t help but love the prairies, her most Canadian guilty pleasure.

She collaborated with Sleepy Tom on her EP 
Canadian Music Producer Sleepy Tom is known for producing dance music that will keep you up all night.  He’s remixed tracks for some of the biggest artists including Diplo and Zed’s Dead and collaborated with Youngblood to produce their EP, an experience Alexis describes as being ‘so much fun’ and a very ‘fruitful’ and ‘creative’ experience.

(Photo/Kezia Nathe)

Relationships inspire her creative process
As a lyricist, Alexis sticks to writing about what she knows and in her case, it’s predominately relationships.  While not all of the relationships that fuel her creative process are romantic, they are, as most are, oftentimes complicated and dynamic.

She’s not afraid to speak out about the representation of women in the music industry 
“Can we just stop saying “girl band?” Within her own community and within her own band, female representation and equality is high for Alexis and while she likes to believe that things are getting better for women entering or pursuing a career in the music industry, she acknowledges that there’s still a long way to go. “Gender has nothing to do with your skill set. There are so many incredibly talented people, both men and women, that both deserve recognition and equal opportunity. It comes from a place of inspiring girls that they can go for it, from the beginning.  Growing up, at times, I felt like there wasn’t a place for me in the music community, but there definitely is.”

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