7 Things That Make ERIK CAUDILLO A Rad Visual Creator

guy climbing up a wall
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You may say he’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one: Vancouver-based visual creator Erik Caudillo’s life and work is inspired by travel and music. The photographer and filmmaker’s speciality includes music videos, music festivals and travel promo. There’s definitely a dream-like quality about this “full-time dreamers” work:

Defining “visual creator”
For Eric, a visual creator is someone who is able to bring very real thoughts and emotions to life. If you’re able to visualize ideas and turn that into unique content creation, then maybe you’re a visual creator too.

guy climbing up a wall
(Photo/Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

Alternate career
With a strong passion and background for music and visuals, it’s no surprise that Eric’s alternate career choice would be as a musician. He started playing drums at age 10 and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Robson Skating Rink
(Photo/ Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

5  Photography 101
It was a digital design program during his second year at film school that really created the future picture of photography for Eric. While taking photos in clubs for free and practicing his editing skills, a photographer was born. Fast forward a bit and Eric has been able to work with top clients, clubs, festivals and tour agencies.

guy standing in a forest staring at the moon
(Photo/ Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

Both music and travel are ‘highs’ for the budding visual creator. Artists look to different inspirations to gain perspective and find their own voice. Eric gets motivated by the world around him to put in his best effort when taking a picture or creating a great music video.

guy taking a photo at a music festival
(Photo/ Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

3  Style
His “vision of living in a magical world” is depicted through movements, emotions, colours and photo manipulation. What world would you create?

girl doing handstand
(Photo/ Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

2 Hustle
There’s no apologies from an artist doing what they love to do. Eric’s one word of advice to follow your passion is simply “hustle”. That’s how and why he does what he does – visually creating and inspiring.

guy standing on ledge looking at lion's gate bridge
(Photo/Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

For a perfect balance of nature and city and the best spot to capture Vancouver’s skyline, Eric heads down to Stanley Park near the aquarium. Where’s your spot?

guy standing on train tracks
(Photo/Erik Caudillo – fulltime_dreamers IG)

Check out Erik’s visual creations on YouTube and Instagram
By Amar Mirchandani

Amar enjoys writing for online publications and working with film festivals. He also likes his beer chilled and ranch sauce with pizza.

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