7 Things About Vancouver “Wanna-Be Actors” ACTING OUT

Acting Out members drinking beer
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A beer bud is a bud indeed. Three years ago, Trevor Lawless, David Harris and Shea Norman met in film school and now the rest is history. The self-proclaimed “wanna-be actors” support each other’s passions, collaborate often and drink beer more often. Together they’re known as Acting Out and have an entertaining beer review web series, witty podcast series and other projects always on the go.

Aspiring Actors
The trio of unemployed beer buds put their time and energy into taking auditions, going to classes and working on various indie projects around Vancouver. When asked about being actors: “At the end of the day it still means waiting for someone to give you a job. Based on our looks, that could be a long while, so we thought we’d better start making our own content.”

Trevor Lawless, David Harris and Shea Norman6 Band Together
Two things brought the collaborators together: a healthy dose of humor and a pinch of mutual respect. These two ingredients led to hanging out more outside of school and collaborating on each other’s projects. “We support each other by taking turns in buying the beer, which as aspiring actors, we need a lot of.”

Acting Out5  Passions
As they clicked personally and professionally they uncovered they share a lot of the same passions: filmmaking, comedy, acting and movies. Or as they would call it “All the things your parents really want you to do with your life.”

Acting Out members4  Beer Me
A beer review show = genius way to justify how much beer you drink. You can watch the group’s “Beer Me” web series on their YouTube channel Acting Out. For the guys they wanted to create a simple production and make it funny. Naturally their shared love of beer hopped right in and voila!

3  Podcast
The gang takes sharing their highs and lows as up-and-coming actors with each other one step further and puts it all out there in the world for an audience. Their “Acting Out” podcast is available on iTunes and dabbles in their entertainment industry experiences, movie reviews and casual conversations with guests. Now 2 years into the podcast series, the platform is proving to be a great outlet for the creatives – and maybe a bit of an ego booster.

Acting Out members2  Comedy
As the N.W.A once said, express yourself! Partly to be able to say inappropriate things and partly to tell stories and express themselves, comedy is the go-to mechanism for the Acting Out group. They love comedy, specifically comedy that comes from human moments which they describe as “something where, if you wrote it down on paper may not seem very funny, but when you see it, you’re laughing so hard you’re crying. It’s all in the way things are said, the reactions of other people. It’s the timing. There’s nothing more rewarding than balancing all those things in such a way as to make a bunch of strangers laugh.”

Acting Out members drinking beer1  Advice
Sometimes advice from peers in the same circumstance goes a lot farther than advice from the established, the experts or the mainstream: “There’s so much content out there vying for people’s attention. It’s hard to rise above that. We decided early on not to chase trends or try to figure out what people will want to see or hear. We just decided to make stuff that we liked, that we found funny, and hoped there would be a like-minded audience out there that would check it out. Make and do what your passionate about, what you naturally gravitate towards. Your passion and enthusiasm will show, and hopefully an audience will begin to take notice. Or not, and you’ll end up with liver damage.”

Acting Out members posing for a selfie

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Photos courtesy: Acting Out
By Amar Mirchandani

Amar enjoys writing for online publications and working with film festivals. He also likes his beer chilled and ranch sauce with pizza.

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