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6 Reasons Why Vancouver’s First Starbucks Experiential Reserve® COFFEE BAR Is Far From Basic

Starbucks experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant
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This month, Starbucks opened the doors to its renovated Mount Pleasant location AND Vancouver’s first experiential Reserve® coffee bar.  

Offering customers an elevated and theatrical experience while paying homage to Vancouver’s love for coffee and the vibrant Main Street neighbourhood, here’s a list of reasons why this Starbucks is far from #basic.

6  One-of-a-kind experience bar 
Picture this: An impressive six-foot oak bar top, where customers can take the time to slow down and sip, face-to-face with their barista and experience the full brewing process.  It’s an almost theatrical performance in a way, an experience where coffee = conversation.

Starbucks experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant

5  State-of-the-art brewing techniques
The siphon, The Black Eagle, Clover® brewer, and the Chemex are some of the cutting-edge and ultramodern brewing devices employed at the Reserve® coffee bar.  Add to that Nitro Draft taps!

Starbucks Canada experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant
(Photo/Talk Shop Media)

 Rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve® coffees
Try rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve® coffees handcrafted by baristas like the Perú San Ignacia, a citrusy coffee with cocoa accents from Perú’s Cajamarca region or the Rwanda, a bright and flavourful coffee produced by primarily female farmers in Rwanda, lending to the rarity of this coffee.

Starbucks experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant

3  Cool local art and decor 
Main Street is pretty much synonymous with street art.  Go for a stroll and you’ll come across countless colourful murals and store fronts featuring the works of local talent.  Keeping with the neighbourhood’s artistic theme, this Starbucks boasts a brick-covered interior and beautiful concrete floors.  Artwork by local artists Diane Nelson of Brandon Johnson Art & Design and Tyler Keeton Robbins frame the walls.  The woodwork and the furniture, for the most part, also produced locally.

Starbucks experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant

We’d come for the affogatos alone. Take your pick of either the classic or house-made featuring the Malawi Reserve®.  Both creamy, caffeinated and seriously delicious.  The perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

1  Engaging and knowledgeable staff 
Starbucks staff are known to be upbeat, engaging and attentive, qualities that the team at the coffee bar also share – but next level. We’re talking baristas that live and breathe all things coffee and that love to impart their knowledge and passion for coffee with their customers.   This might have something to do with the fact that all of the partners are Coffee Masters, or working on becoming one. (It’s border-line creepy how much they love coffee.)

Starbucks staff member at experiential Reserve Coffee Bar in Mount Pleasant


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