3 Ways to Get Involved with NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY

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We’re all about holidays, and National Cupcake Day is one holiday we can definitely get behind! Join us and thousands of Canadians in helping injured, abused and abandoned animals across the country. Held annually on February 26, National Cupcake Day encourages participants to ‘bake a difference’ for the animals.  To date, 2.45 million dollars have been raised. Last year alone, Canadians raised more than $600,000.

Here are a few ways you can support the sweetest day of the year:

Make a donation

Register online and give what you can!  Registration is free and 100% of your donation will go towards supporting animals in care of the BC SPCA or your local humane shelter.

2 Get your crew involved

Set an ambitious fundraising goal, and call in the troops for reinforcement! Track your success on your National Cupcake Day Team Personal Fundraising Page where you’ll find all the tools you need from tracking to adorable email templates. From your online headquarters, you can personalize your page and also get the word out via social media including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

1 Organize a Cupcake Day party

Who wouldn’t want an invitation to a cupcake party? Hosting your own cupcake party is a super easy and fun way to raise some money and awareness while enjoying the company of animal-lovers alike.  Get creative! Parties can be held at your workplace, home, school, community centre – the list goes on!

Since the event’s inception in 2013, over 100,000 cupcakes have been made. (And consumed.)

National Cupcake Day 2018
(Photo/National Cupcake Day)

Bonus: Adopt

If you’re looking to add a fur baby to your family, adoption is an excellent option for so many reasons.  Speaking from experience, there’s nothing more satisfying than giving an animal a loving home or a second chance at life!

National Cupcake Day 2018
If we could, we’d adopt them all.

National Cupcake Day is open to all ages. For more information, visit nationalcupcakeday.ca

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