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20 Vancouver STARTUPS To Watch Closely In 2017

guy wearing VR glasses
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It’s no secret that Ontario’s Waterloo region is the nation’s leading startup hub, often being referred to as “startup city”. But Vancouver is very much immersed and invested in the tech game as well. We’re mostly thought of as Hollywood North or a yoga capital, but our own Silicon Valley is very much alive. There’s a new-wave of tech-based disruptive apps and services and we’ve got it all from traditional software companies, on-demand app services, medical technologies, fintechs and more.

When we think big, successful Vancouver tech companies like Hootsuite, Indochino and Broadband TV top the list as global leaders. So what’s the next big thing? Here are the top Vancouver startups, old and new, to watch out for in 2017:

20  Fantasy360
Fantasy360 by Fantasy 6 Sports Inc. is a virtual and augmented reality technology company. It develops both VR and AR video games, hardware, immersive experiences and other media. The technology allows for a melting pot of sports, entertainment and technology.

guy wearing VR glasses

19  Grow
Grow is a digital banking company aimed at providing enterprise fintech solutions to financial brands. The platform provides a digital toolkit to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions which includes: consumer & SME lending, digital mortgages, customer onboarding, compliance & fraud prevention, analytics and credit monitoring.

18  Later
Later is a visual content marketing platform that allows users to manage and schedule Instagram posts. Brands and influencers can store and organize their media library with groups & labels, bulk uploads of photos & videos, search functions and a reposting tool. Future features include a tools for contributors and hashtag campaigns.


17 Glance Pay
Glance Pay by Glance Technologies Inc. (CSE:GET) is a mobile restaurant payment app designed to make paying for a meal a seamless process during your dining experience. The app allows you to pay for your meal without a machine, select bill portions, digitally track receipts and earn restaurant rewards. CEO & Co-Founder Desmond Griffin also co-founded and ran the Vancouver-based tech firm behind PayByPhone – the parking meter payment app recently bought by a Volkswagen subsidiary.

mobile phone paying app, Glance Pay
(Photo/Glance Pay)

16  MuseFind
MuseFind by Musefind Technolgies is a marketing software tool and platform which manages influencer and brand partnerships for optimal results. The two-pronged hyper-target strategy allows brands to target influencers which then target the consumer audience. Campaign managers facilitate the partnerships and look after the entire influencer marketing campaign for brands big and small.

15  TeamFit
TeamFit is a consulting platform and network which allows for company projects to build the right teams using human resources inside and outside the company. It allows for people to work on internal teams and hybrid teams, further promoting individual and team consulting expertise. Project outcomes and social networks validate expertise rather than resumes or profiles.

14 5F
5F by Sport Buddy Inc. is a social networking app focused on connecting fitness, health and social. Referred to as Tinder for workout, sports and activity buddies, the app makes it easy to to find friends who like the same activities. Users can connect and meet up with other active people nearby for organized basketball games or weekend yoga sessions. There are currently over 100 activities available for all ability levels.

13  Breakfast Courier
Breakfast Courier is a food delivery in Vancouver. The service offers a customizable breakfast menu through online ordering, ordering by phone, pre-orders and group orders. Meals are made fresh to order 7 days a week using local ingredients and delivered hot to your door, with no additional delivery fees, the Vancouver way – via bicycle.

12  Coastline Market
Coastline Market is a supply-chain marketplace which uses software to connect commercial fishers and restaurant chefs with no middlemen. While empowering fishermen and increasing supply chain transparency, the e-commerce brand also wants to reduce the environmental impact from seafood the seafood industry which includes logistics like storing, preserving and transporting. Restaurants use the app to put out seafood orders which are fulfilled by local fisherman and delivered fresh by Coastline straight from the dock.

11  Koho
Koho is a financial technology company which mobilizes your money via a Koho Visa card. It offers real time data,  income and spending tracking, automated savings goals, live app chat support, free money transfers and traditional financial services like bill payments and withdrawals.

10  Ambitionary
Ambitionary is a digital network for project and venture needs slated to launch this spring/summer. Individuals can efficiently find people to help run with their ambitions whether they need advisors, co-founders, partners, employees, freelancers or interns.

Ambitionary logo

HelpHub is an online tutoring and homework help service platform which connects students and tutors. The platform uses instant messaging, phone and video calls for instant 24/7 help. Enrolled tutors can choose their own rate, terms and availability while students can post what they need help with and their budget. Schools also have online communities which include which online tutors are available for students.

buddybuild is a mobile app builder for development teams to have a simpler workflow. It provides a continuous integration, continuous deployment and user feedback platform The platform alleviates the need for multiple systems within mobile development and allows for comprehensive mobile app iteration. It also integrates existing tools for further serve the team.

Quietly is a content provider and marketing service which connects brands and publishers with data-driven content. It uses its own writer candidate database for brand marketing projects that require distribution channels in blogging, newsletters and social. It forms content strategies, manages the editorial process and can manage the distribution and ad promotion.


Retsly is real estate platform for software creation specific to the needs of developers, brokerages and MLS. It’s often thought of as the Twilio for real estate data as it provides streamlined data-driven products. It aggregates MLS data, offers real-time API and open source SDK, eliminates multiple RET integration management and enables software licensing.

Stumply is an energy usage tracker and smart app aimed at a greener future. While tracking your home’s energy usage it provides insightful analytics that enable consumers to save money and energy.

Foodee is a corporate meal delivery service which sources from your city’s best restaurants. The online ordering tool partners curates menus with local restaurants and caterers and offers customizable ordering and meal programs for random or regular office take-out meals and events. Foodee is currently live in 8 cities across the USA and 3 cities across Canada including Burnaby and Vancouver. Another aspect of the business is Foodee’s fleet of delivery drivers in each city.

RED Academy
RED Academy is a design & technology school which allows designers and developers of tomorrow to gain or improve their skills. The academy, which is active in Vancouver and Toronto, uses an experienced team of industry professionals to pave the way for the next generation of digital and tech professionals. Industry tailored curriculum utilizes modular immersive learning, real client projects and a creative environment.

Control is a mobile analytics and alerts tool for merchants that use Stripe or PayPal. It provides metrics, payments and customer information in one place for traditional eCommerce one-off purchases and subscription service businesses with recurring transactions. It eliminates having to aggregate key information from multiple sources and dashboards with no integration or coding required.

Eventbase is an events app platform which is designed to make the attendees experience more fulfilling. It personalizes the entire event experience by providing users with a comprehensive mobile guide and interactive features for the event. Brands and events use Eventbase for tailor-made mobile apps to add a premium quality to their events which include festivals, conferences, workshops, sporting events etc.


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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  1. Great list! Yes you missed Freightera! An online marketplace for business freight shipping! Very helpful for small, medium and large businesses. Hope you can add it to the list! Cheers!!

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