18 Vancouver VEGANS To Follow On Instagram

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Vegans unite! Whether you’re thinking about changing what you eat or are already a staunch practitioner, there can be some great dietary and philosophical benefits to being vegan. Veganism at its core is the abstinence of animal product and by-product usage as well as the rejection of the “commodity status” of animals. Check out these Vancouver vegans on Instagram for vegan ideas and inspiration:
18  Teia / @aveganmermaid
“Scrambled Tofu Hash”
Follow this self-proclaimed Vegan Queen and book worm who likes witchery and mermaids.


17  Ali & Courtney / @50shadesofveg
“Easy Vegan Dinner”
Follow these two vegans for food and recipe ideas that promote the planet, animals and our health.


16  Sisley / @thepurelife_
“Creamy Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream Bowl”
Follow this Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who develops plant-based food recipes for a living.


15  Lauren / @laurenwoodington
“Sesame Cauliflower & Asparagus”
Follow this foodie who went vegan 7 years ago for the sake of the animals!


14  Vancouver Vegan / @vancouvervegann
“Avocado Hummus”
Follow this plant & animal lover for quick and healthy vegan snack ideas.


13  Allison, Anita & Felisa / @veganteensofvancouver
“Vegan & Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies”
Follow these vegan teens for popular meals.


12  Alexandra / @veganinvancouver
“Good Chilli”
Follow this traveler for vegan recipes and restaurant reviews.


11  Meghan / @megsmangoes
“High Carb – Low Fat Pancakes”
Follow this fruit lover.


10 Jenna / @jennathevegan
“Pumpkin Muffins”
Follow this veganism practitioner and animal advocate.


 Reilly / @veganfromvancouver
“Tofu Scramble & Salad”
Follow this vegan food traveler who believes in changing the world one kitchen at a time.


Divina / @northvanvegan
“Pizza with Daiya Cheese”
Follow this vegan lifestyle spreader.


Lindsay / @lindsaysveganlife
“No Oil Crispy Cheese Fries”
Follow this unique vegan food finder and smoothie lover.


Sammy / @sammyboycebal
“Smoothie Bowl”
Follow this vegan, lawyer, yoga-lover, traveller and wellness blogger.


Vegans in Vancouver / @vegansinvancouver
“Avocado Toast”
Follow this Vancouver vegan community!


4 Gur King / @kingsinghx
Follow this model, graphic designer, artist and photographer who happens to be a vegan.


Plant Active / @plantactive
“Pasta Salad”
Follow this vegan lifestyle and apparel brand!


2  Scotia / @lilchubbyvegan
“Baked Soy Maple & Garlic Tofu”
Follow this dog mum and healthy plant-based eater.


Jordan / @brucesroots
“Butternut Squash Turmeric Lentil Pasta”
Follow this Holistic Nutrition Student and Functional Blood Analyst.


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

Amar likes his beer chilled and ranch sauce with pizza.

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