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We hear a lot about local micro-breweries but what about micro-distillers for fine crafted spirits? There are numerous craft distilleries across the province producing high quality artisan whisky, gin, rum, vodka and other spirits. You can usually find their products in select restaurants & bars, liquor stores or their own pubs and tasting rooms.  Here are some big and small batch producers with high quality:

19  Legend Distilling
3005 Naramata Road
Naramata, BC
Vodka, gin, liqueur

Ah, just what the doctor ordered! Legend’s unique farm to glass small town spirits are family-crafted like their Doctor’s Order gin with locally foraged juniper berries, coriander and citrus mingle combined with traditional Okanagan flavours: lavender, elderberry, mint and apple. Perfect for a layered gin and tonic.


(Photo/Instagram @legendnaramata)

18  Nütrl Vodka
7167 Vantage Way
Delta, BC

The philosophy of pure and simple goes into every step of distillation and neutral grain spirit bottle. This vodka is carefully crafted to be sipped neat without a harsh taste.


17  Ampersand Distilling Company
4077 Lanchaster Road
Duncan, BC
Gin, vodka

Ampersand Distilling Company is a family-run craft distillery which started off as an organic vegetable farm. The family business is run by Jeremy Schacht who studied chemical engineering, his partner Jessica and parents Stephen & Ramona. The distillery sits on a five acre organic farm in the Cowichan Valley where they produce hand crafted gin and vodka.

bottles of gin from micro-distillery Ampersand Distilling Company
(Photo/Instagram @ampdistillingco)

16  Arbutus Distillery
1890 Boxwood Road
Nanaimo, BC
Gin, vodka, absinthe, brandy

Arbutus Distillery is a maker of fine artisan spirits with an onsite tasting bar & cocktail lounge on Vancouver Island. Their spirit product line includes a caramel and vanilla infused vodka, an espresso infused vodka, a west coast style gin, a harvest hopped gin and a naturally steeped absinthe.

Arbutus Distillery
(Photo/Instagram @arbutusdistillery)

15  Central City Brewers & Distillers
11411 Bridgeview Drive
Surrey, BC
Vodka, whiskey

Aside from being known for Red Racer craft beer, Hopping Mad cider and brew pubs in Vancouver and Surrey, the Central City brand also includes a single malt Canadian whisky, a premium hand crafted gin and small batch vodka.

Central City Brewing distillery
(Photo/Instagram @centralcitybrew)

14  Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers
#170 – 2270 Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver, BC
Gin, vodka

Known on the North Shore and beyond for their unconventional pairings and uncommon traditional craft beers, Deep Cove also creates high quality spirits in their small batch distillery. Their Mediterranean gin blends Rosemary and Olives while their award-winning vodka is ideal for martinis or over ice at their lounge.

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers
(Photo/Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers)

13  Island Spirits Distillery
4605 Roburn Road
Hornby Island, BC
Gin, vodka

An Icebreaker captain and a Professor of Organic Chemistry turned experimental distillation into a perfected and scientific craft of fermenting, distilling and diffusing botanicals. Their proprietary gin blend includes natural ingredients like coriander seeds, angelica root, lemon grass and fennel seeds. Their seasonal vodkas include huckleberry ginger cinnamon, black raspberry, elderflower, mint and more.

bottles from Island Spirits Distillery
(Photo/Island Spirits Distillery)

12  Kootenay Country Craft Distillery
7263 Gustafson Road
Slocan, BC
Gin, vodka

Lora and Kevin Goodwin started growing and selling organic strawberries and vegetables in the late 90’s which led them to cultivating the land and local products for unique Kootenay Region spirits. They use pure spring waters, artisan distillation methods, organic heirloom grains and locally sourced agriculture for their blends.

Kootenay Country Craft Distillery
(Photo/Facebook/Kootenay Country Craft Distillery Ltd.)

11  Liberty Distillery
1494 Old Bridge Road
Vancouver, BC
Gin, vodka, whiskey

Established in 2010 as a premium traditional spirit crafter, The Liberty Distillery on Granville Island is a local staple. Their spirits replicate their founding principles of truth, trust and endeavour and make for a great experience at their Saloon bar.

Photo/Instagram @tldistillery

10  Long Table Distillery
1451 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
Gin, vodka

Long Table likes their spirits local, handcrafted and small batch. They family owned and operated Ginsmiths and distillers use fresh, organic and natural ingredients from wild foragers in local mountains and select sources from around the globe. Their popular tasting events, Gin & Tonic Fridays and Cocktail Saturdays, even have onsite food trucks.

Photo/Instagram @longtabledistillery

9  Maple Leaf Spirits
948 Naramata Road
Penticton, BC
Grape spirits, fruit brandies, liqueurs, kirsch, schnapps, eau-de-vie

This European-style craft distillery in the Okanagan creates grape spirits or grappa (skinny), fruit brandies and a range of liqueurs. They use locally grown fruit, grapes and wines in their traditional artisan blends.

Photo/Facebook/Maple Leaf Spirits

8  Merridale Artisan Distillery
1230 Merridale Road
Cobble Hill, BC
Gin, Brandy, fruit vodka, cider, eau-de-vie, cognac

Eat, drink and be Merri – that’s the Merridale way! In addition to producing traditional and house craft ciders and fortified ciders, the Merridale Artisan Distillery also makes Cowichan style gin and vodka in the small community of Cobble Hill just north of Victoria.

Photo/Facebook/Merridale Ciderworks

7  Odd Society Spirits
1725 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC
Gin, vodka, barley spirit, liqueurs

Fittingly in the heart of East Vancouver, Odd Society Spirits is a distillery and tasting lounge designed to represent the “out of sorts and charmingly unusual”. Their line of spirits include vodka, gin, mongrel, crème de cassis, vermouth and single malt Canadian whisky – sold by the cask.

Photo/Instagram @oddsocietyspirits

6  Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery
2980 28th Avenue
Vernon, BC
Gin, whisky, vodka, eau-de-vie, liqueurs, marc, aquavit, absinthe, fruit brandies

The family owned and operated Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery has locations in Kelowna and Vernon which both offer tours and tastings. The brand has more than 25 internationally awarded spirits helping to put Okanagan and BC spirits on the global map.

Photo/Facebook/Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

5  Pemberton Distillery
1954 Ventura Place
Pemberton, BC
Gin, vodka, whiskey, schnapps, liqueurs, absinthe

Did somebody say Hemp Vodka? That’s right, Pemberton potato vodka infused with toasted organic whole hemp seed which is locally grown in the Cowichan Valley. It’s a little taste of Pemberton in a bottle.

Photo/Instagram @pembydistillery

 Shelter Point Distillery
4692 Regent road
Campbell River, BC
Whiskey, vodka, liqueur

Go halfway up the eastern side of Vancouver Island and you’ll find 380 acres of Shelter Point Farm and Distillery. The seaside island farm produces artisanal vodka (like mint chocolate or black licorice), maple syrup liqueur and single malt Canadian whiskey.

Photo/Facebook/Shelter Point Distillery

3  Urban Distilleries
#6 – 325 Bay Avenue
Kelowna, BC
Gin, vodka, whiskey, fruit liqueurs, brandies, wine

Urban Distilleries has been doing it all since 2009. Their premium Spirit Bear line uses Okanagan grains and fruits for Okanagan grappa, calvados, schnapps, kirsch, gin, vodka, liqueurs and single malt whiskey. They practice traditional and sustainable distillation and farming.

Photo/Instagram @urbandistilleries

2  Victoria Spirits
99891 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC
Gin, vodka, eau-de-vie

The waterfront Victoria Distillers are “influenced by history and driven by innovation” in their small-batch spirit producing. They take pride in collaborating with mixologists to create the best cocktail spirits and bitters.

Photo/Facebook/Victoria Distillers

1  Wayward Distillation House
2931 Moray Avenue
Courtenay, BC
Gin, vodka

Gin and vodka made from… honey? They use 100% British Columbia honey to make honey wine which acts as the base of their gin and vodka. That’s complex and flavourful.

Photo/Instagram @waywarddistillation

By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

Amar enjoys writing for online publications and working with film festivals. He also likes his beer chilled and ranch sauce with pizza.

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