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Seeking a job that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning? The following companies are great ones to consider, and although they all differ in industries, one thing that they have in common is that they are all from Vancouver.

16 BroadbandTV  
BBTV is taking over the digital world as a media company and “smart” broadcaster through its multi-platform network headquartered in Vancouver. Who wouldn’t want to help grow YouTube networks or work with brands like the NBA and Huffington Post?

BroadbandTV office

15  Lululemon
This mega athletic apparel brand captures the West Coast vibe by combining fashion and lifestyle. Inner yogis welcome.

Lululemon head office
(Photo/Power Pros Electrical)

14 Vancouver Canucks 
It doesn’t get more fast-paced then working at a hockey game! Whether you’re a Canucks fan or were born to make an impact in the hospitality industry there’s an off-ice position at Rogers Arena for you.

Vancouver Canucks staff
(Photo/Vancouver Canucks)

13  City of Vancouver
You can’t get anymore civic than by working for the city you live in. If you want to make a difference in your own community check out the positions in different departments at the City of Vancouver from Engineering Services to Community & Social Development.

City of Vancouver logo
(Photo/City of Vancouver)

12  BC Hydro 
If you’re a recent grad looking for hands-on work check out our Crown electric utility – BC Hydro and Power Authority. Your skills will be put to the test to help operate the province’s vast energy infrastructure and network which includes hydroelectric facilities, natural gas-fueled thermal plants, transmission & distribution lines and more.

Find a career at BC Hydro
(Photo/BC Hydro)

11  Telus 
Set your goals on a mammoth national telecom like Telus which was originally based in Edmonton before merging with BC Tel in 1999. Telus is investing $4.5 billion in infrastructure in B.C. by 2019 which means a lot of jobs!

Check out their cool headquarters: http://www.officemb.ca/work/telus-garden/

Inside TELUS Garden
(Photo/Office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers)

10  MEC 
Nothing says fulfilling like a clothing-cooperative which is known for pursuing environmental protection. Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)  was founded in Vancouver back in 1971 and is now a staple outdoor recreation gear and apparel seller across the country.

MEC North Vancouver store
(Photo/Google Images)

9  Purdy’s 
They had me at hazelnut Hedgehogs. We mean, c’mon. Who wouldn’t want to work at a chocolatier factory in Vancouver? Purdy’s Chocolates was founded in 1907 on Robson Street and has retail outlets all over BC, Alberta and Ontario.

workers inside Purdy's Factory
(Photo/Globe and Mail)

8 Saje 
Saje Natural Wellness is a true Vancouver-based success story as it’s in the middle of major national and international expansion. Essential oils for everyone!

(Photo/Saje Natural Wellness)

7  Cactus Club 
We take our casual dining experience seriously right? So do Cactus Club Café and Head Chef Rob Feenie. Blackened Creole Chicken and an ugly wheat ale (or two), please.

Photographs of the Cactus Club Restaurant in various locations, it's employees and customers. Photographed by www.rickcollinsphotography.com Rick Collins is an editorial documentary photographer based in Victoria-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
(Photo/Cactus Club Cafe)

6  Coast Capital
Coast Capital Savings Credit Union is a member-owned financial services co-op currently with 50 or so branches across BC. With growing membership, assets and staffing, the new state-of-the-art Surrey head office located next to King George Skytrain Station boasts 185,000 square feet. It includes a day-care centre and yoga studio!

Coast Capital Surrey Headquarters
(Photo/Coast Capital)

5  Oakwyn Realty 
Oakwyn Realty is full of self-proclaimed real estate nerds. We say that in the best way possible. If you take pride in your work and want to be an industry leader in service, a progressively cool brokerage like Oakwyn is a perfect fit.

Oakwyn Realty
(Photo/Oakwyn Realty)

4 RYU 
Respect Your Universe, and make way for tech apparel. With millions of dollars invested and more locations set for BC, Ontario and California, RYU Apparel is creating an athletic tech brand for the masses.  They’re the best in the world – literally – winning the WGSN Futures Award for ‘Best Store’ in 2016.

RYU Robson storefront

3  Hootsuite 
You know what’s cool? 15 million users and 1000 employees, and growing. That’s where Hootsuite, the social media management platform is. The only question is are you going where it’s headed?

inside hootsuite office
(Photo/Huffington Post BC)

2 EA 
Nestled in Burnaby sits the Electronic Arts Canada campus. It boasts being the largest and most successful studio in the “history of interactive gaming”. Game on!

Exterior of EA Games
(Photo/Google Images)

Because there’s no better feeling than being your own BO$$! Take it from us.

Did we miss any? Let us know!

By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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  1. Hi Amar,

    Wondering what the metrics were used for this post? How did you decide the outcome? Were some of these sponsored by the business? Almost all of these businesses have 3ish out of 5 stars on glassdoor.

    1. Hi Michelle

      Great questions. None of the content is sponsored or paid for. This is our own ‘best of’ list based on the companies being local, well-established or growing, brand recognition, valuations, investments and people’s opinions. ie. Coast Capital growth into a new HQ, Saje’s expansion etc. Similarly Hootsuite and BBTV are the global leaders in their respective platforms. I hope any with low scores on Glassdoor, as you mentioned, can improve and become better local enterprises!

        1. Also, Glassdoor is a place where losers who get fired go and cry after the fact. People looking for jobs should be more weary of companies with oddly high ratings on Glassdoor.

  2. I give this article 5 stars simply for the fact that broadbandtv is on the list. I read their glassdoor reviews more than The Onion.

  3. I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about BroadbandTV. A good friend of mine works there and they tell me horror stories about how they treat their staff — Young people and students beware.

    Populist needs to do their research and speak to actual employees before they post something like this….

    1. This “best of” Vancouver list is not a top employer award list nor like Glassdoor for employee reviews. We didn’t re-list their top rankings. Those are excellent resources though!

      BBTV in particular made this “best of” list for its sheer brand recognition as the fastest growing multi-platform network in the world (recently outdoing Maker, Fullscreen, Machinima…) The majority owner is a European entertainment conglomerate with a stake in many multi-network platforms including Vancouver’s BBTV.

  4. So, it’s not a list of best employers? It’s a list based on recognition?

    Maybe you should change the title of the article to merely, “Companies in Vancouver”. It’s misleading for promising job-hunters.

  5. Sorry, but at least four companies on this list are notoriously horrible companies to work for. Do some actual research and talk to employees before posting this kind of click bait nonsense.

    1. We did our research and did talk to employees at each of these locations, but it’s all just a matter of opinion and people complaining as it didn’t fit for them. We don’t publish ‘click bait nonsense’, but thanks for your input.

  6. The only one I think you missed is Vega which has an amazing corporate culture and great ethics. I do like your list for the most part:)

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