12 Sweet CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE Photo Ops In Vancouver

model posing with cherry blossom trees in coal harbour
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Like the majority of Vancouverites, we can’t get enough of the cherry blossom trees!  We anticipate their arrival all year long as a sign that nicer days are in the forecast (once we get past two consecutive month of rain, of course) and once they blossom, these pretty pink petals flood social media!  Here’s our list of the best cherry blossom photo ops in Vancouver!

12  Winona Park 
Address: 7525 Columbia St

A pleasant park with seating areas and open fields, Winona Park on Yukon St. & West 59th Ave (Marpole hood) is well-lined with cherry blossom trees and ample photo ops. Tons of street parking.

cherry blossom trees line sidewalk in marpole

11 Waterfront 

If you look up #VanCherryBlossomFest on Instagram, your search will turn up countless photos taken at this upper-level Waterfront lookout!

cherry blossoms, Canada Place Waterfront

10 Kitsilano 
Areas of interest:
West 8th and Trutch
Vanier Park
Cypress Street

Because Kits isn’t beautiful enough already.  Add some magnificent cherry blossom trees and it’s pretty much the perfect neighbourhood.  Our favourite area to snap a pic?  At the top of Cypress Street on West 4th looking down at Kits Beach!

cherry blossoms in Kitsilano

David Lam Park 
Address: 1300 Pacific Blvd

A picture speaks a thousand words and the image below snapped at David Lam Park in Yaletown has us feeling some kind of way…

couple kissing under cherry blossom trees in David Lam Park

Vanier Park 
Address: 1000 Chestnut St

With a backdrop like the one at Vanier Park in Kitsilano, you’re much pretty guaranteed a flawless image.

woman posing with handbag in front of cherry blossoms in Vanier Park

VanDusen Botanical Garden 
Address: 5251 Oak St

Majestic gardens, perfectly manicured landscapes, a great cafe and this spring, all of the cherry blossoms, it’s no wonder VanDusen is so popular!

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Lower Lonsdale 

Get away from the city, pick up a few local goods and snap a few shots of the gorgeous cherry blossoms in North Vancouver!

cherry blossoms in lower lonsdale vancouver

5  Stanley Park
Areas of interest:
Lost Lagoon
Japanese Memorial

Stanley Park is stunning all year-round (#BestParkInTheWorld) and cherry blossom season is no exception! Rent a bike, and take in the beauty!

girl on bike under cherry blossoms in stanley park
(Photo/@ioabeawaken Twitter)

Burrard Skytrain Station 
Address: 635 Burrard St

Each year, the Burrard Skytrain Station concourse becomes enveloped in a sea of pink!  One of the most cherry blossom populated areas in Vancouver!

Burrard Skytrain Station

Coal Harbour 
Areas of interest: Coal Harbour Quay

For the perfect #ootd pictures, take a scenic stroll over to Coal Harbour where you’ll be greeted by a cloud of pink.  Make sure to stop and enjoy a coffee at one of the cute cafes along the way!

Model posing with cherry blossom tree in vancouver

2  West End
Areas of interest: Broughton and Nelson St

We like to refer to the West End as the ‘Best End’ and this is especially true during cherry blossom season where nearly every street is lined with trees.

cherry blossoms in the west end Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park  
Address: 4600 Cambie St

This 130-acre park is what dreams are made.

female posing under cherry blossom tree in Queen Elizabeth Park

Did we miss any? Let us know!  Tag your pictures using #thisispopulist for your chance to be featured!

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