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Cool off with these 10 unique FROZEN TREATS in Vancouver

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Is it just us or does anyone else find it hard to keep up with the constant barrage of trendy new dessert spots that seem to pop up on the regular?  One thing is certain, we have no shortage of frozen treats in Vancouver.  If you’re more of a basic vanilla cone kind of person (not that there’s anything wrong with that) this list may entice you to step outside of the box a bit, to find your frozen piece de resistance.

10 #BETA5 ice cream social

Find it: Beta 5 Chocolates
413 Industrial Ave

Every Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm until September 30th, the team of chefs at Beta 5 Chocolates present their latest sundae party in a cup!  Flavours are creative, rotate weekly, and in the past have included vegan piña colada, cannoli, cherry cola and even mimosa!

Beta5 Chocolates ice cream sundae
(Photo/Beta5 Chocolates)

Ice cream taco 

Find it: Rain or Shine
1926 W 4th 

Take taco Tuesday to the next level with the sweetest ice cream taco in the city! Rain or Shine churns out their ice cream in-house, using all local and sustainable ingredients and this fun frozen treat is one you need to try!


Churro ice cream sandwich 

Find it: Hugo’s Tacos and Churros
7899 Templeton Station Rd

Quite possibly heaven-sent, this churro and ice cream combination is the answer to your dessert prayers. Each churro disk is made fresh in house and holds together a big scoopful of vanilla bean gelato.

This year, Hugo’s Churros introduced a salted caramel ice cream sandwhich, complete with their house-made salted caramel sauce. Can we get an ‘Amen!’

churro ice cream sandwich from Hugo's Churros

Matcha mochi toast 

Find it: Midam Richmond Cafe
4651 Garden City Rd #1110

If you have an obsession with matcha, this treat may pique your tastebuds!  This Richmond find is sizzling – literally. Hot matcha sauce gets poured over your mochi toast, complete, of course, with a scoop of matcha ice cream.

matcha ice cream toast from Midam Richmond Cafe

 Prague cone

Find it: The Praguery food truck

You don’t have to hop on a flight to Europe to enjoy this Czech delight.  The Praguery food truck is known for their freshly baked, soft-serve filled, chimney cones!


Ice fried yogurt 

Find it: On Yogurt
 95 Smithe St

Although we tend to associate anything fried as being unhealthy, the fried yogurt at On Yogurt in Yaletown is actually a healthier alternative to most frozen desserts.  Organic, gluten-free, and sourced from local organic farms in BC, fried yogurt is rich, creamy, crunchy goodness and your new favourite addiction!

ice fried yogurt from On Yogurt

Coconut sundae in a coconut shell 

Find it: Mamak La – Malaysian Fusion Roti & Dessert
Richmond Night Market, 8351 River Rd

Who doesn’t love sundaes? Enjoy fresh, home made coconut sorbet in the shell topped with coconut meat and your favourite childhood toppings, available at Mamak La, exclusively at the Richmond Night Market!

coconut sorbet in coconut shell

Ice cream stuffed taiyaki

Find it: 720 Sweets
3278 W Broadway

If you’ve never tried a taiyaki, it’s essentially a spongy cake in the shape of a fish, commonly filled with a red bean paste and super popular in Japan! Pair your taiyaki from 720 sweets with your fav ice cream flavour!  (We usually go for the matcha ice cream!)

ice-cream stuffed taiyaki cone from 720 sweets

Coconut ash ice cream

Find it: Mister
1141 Mainland St

Adele’s favourite Vancouver ice cream shop offers 2017’s hottest dessert trend: black ice cream. Dubbed by the liquid-nitrogen ice cream parlour as “Coconut Ash,” this exciting new flavour is available vegan and comes in a black waffle cone!  #Coconutisthenewblack

coconut ash ice cream from Mister in Yaletown, Vancouver

1  Watermelon shaved ice 

Find it: Sulmida Korean Dessert Cafe
4697 Kingsway

Populist Founder Rebecca Traub describes watermelon as “heaven on Earth” and this watermelon shaved ice dessert is that and more. This refreshing, condensed milk infused delight is the ultimate way to stay cool this summer!

korean watermelon shaved ice

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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