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10 Places to Eat Your Heart Out in CHINATOWN

the tuck shoppe sandwiches
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Vancouver’s Chinatown is a foodie’s dream just  waiting to be explored (devoured.) From traditional dim sum (a great hangover cure, by the way) to Japanese-Italian fusion food to satisfying plant-based eats, Chinatown has an eclectic and endless offering of cuisine!  What are you waiting for? The back-alleys await!

10 Hey Kokomo

For hearty, plant-based meals 
611 Gore Ave

Delicious and comforting, you may want to switch over to a vegan lifestyle after experiencing Hey Kokomo! Their menu is sun-inspired and includes plant-based bowls like the Sunflower Acai and the Golden Laska Noodles (our fav), as well as smoothies and vegan soft serve!

plant-based eats at Hey Kokomo

The Tuck Shoppe

For gourmet sandwiches 
237 Union St

You can’t go wrong with a sandwich, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a sandwich from The Tuck Shoppe on Union Street. Purveyors of gourmet sandwiches, sit back, relax, and eat your way to happiness, one bite at a time.  Favourites include the Pork Belly Cubano, complete with swiss, pickles and mustard, and the Tuna Katsu Burger made with panko-crusted albacore tuna, wasabi, pickled daikon, and soy ginger,

the tuck shoppe sandwiches

Kissa Tanto 

For Italian-Japanese fusion 
263 E Pender St

The 1960’s meets Tokyo meets jazz cafe at new Vancouver hotspot, Kissa Tanto.  Fusion food done exceptionally well, this Chinatown establishment also makes great cocktails. Dine on octopus salad and carne cruda made with Snake River Farms wagyu, beet salad, porchetta agnolotti – and more!

An ideal spot to enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

Italian-Japanese fusion at Kissa Tanto


For sausages and pretzels 
105 E Pender St

What pairs better than pretzels and sausage? Pretty much nothing. Bestie’s concept focuses on Germany’s popular street food – currywurst, a combination of German sausage doused in ketchup and curry powder.  And yes, it’s delicious.  Pair your wurst with some authentic Munich style lager!


Oyster Express

For oysters and seafood 
296 Keefer St

Seafood outpost Oyster Express may be tucked away in Chinatown, but it’s not to be missed.  This hidden gem specializes in fresh seafood – they have an incredible oyster selection – in a warm, and inviting setting.

Reasonably priced and with a fantastic happy hour.

Oysters from Oyster Express in Chinatown

5  The Union

For Pan-Asian eats
219 Union St

If you’re a fan of bibimbop, banh mi, and soup – get ready to obsess over The Union.  This trendy eatery offers patrons a menu filled with delicious eats from throughout Asia and equally unique craft cocktails in a communal setting.  Be warned: the cha ca hanoi will LITERALLY change your life.

Make sure to hit up brunch!

The Union Vancouver

Phnom Penh

For chicken wings
244 E Georgia St

Arguably the best chicken wings in Chinatown – possibly Vancouver – there’s just something about the wings at phnom penh that can’t be imitated. This Vietnamese-Cambodian is the preferred spot among the locals.  The only downside? The line-up to get in.  Word of advice: avoid heading there during lunch and dinner service.

phnom penh chicken wings
(Photo/Dine Out There)

3  Juke

For fried chicken
182 Keefer St

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love fried chicken and everyone else. (If you fall into the latter, we can’t be friends with you, FYI.) The chicken at Juke is seasoned and fried to perfection and available for dine-in or take-out.  Not to overshadow the fried chicken, but the sticky ribs are just as mouth-wateringly delicious.

This joint is also 100% gluten free!

fried chicken from Juke Fried Chicken Ribs and Cocktails

2 Jade Dynasty

For dim sum 
137 E Pender St

You can’t say you’ve eaten your way through Chinatown until you’ve had dim sum.  Traditional meets modern at Jade Dynasty.  Dishes are hot, fresh, and packed with flavour, and the pork dumplings are addictive as hell. Go with a group and go hungry.

dim sum

Fat Mao Noodles

For a variety of Asian noodles 
217 E Georgia St

Noodles are front and center at this cool eatery.  A great place to try if you’re more of an adventurous foodie and looking to steer away from traditional noodle soups.  Slurp on braised duck noodles, curry noodles, beef laksa, hot and sour pork noodles, and our personal go-to, the coconut and mushroom noodle soup!

**Closed on Mondays**

Fat Mao noodles
Fat Mao Noodles, East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phnom Penh Restaurant, East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jade Dynasty Restaurant, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Juke Fried Chicken, Ribs and Cocktails, Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Tuck Shoppe, Union Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Union, Union Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kissa Tanto, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Bestie, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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